Best Jet Ski Lifts and Manual Lifts

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Best Jet Ski Lifts and Manual Lifts

There are many types of jet ski lifts. Lift installs can cost thousands of dollars. Luckily, there are many more affordable options. Many jet ski enthusiasts opt to build their own lifts, which will save a lot of money!

Building a manual jet ski lift is certainly doable with the right supplies and good dock.

Some of the best jet ski lifts and lift systems are:

  • Lift Sling
  • X-Bull Electric Winch
  • Manual Hand Winch Lift
  • BH-360
  • Mini MAXX

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Manual Lifts and Building Your Own Lift

If you are looking for the most cost-effective way to lift your PWC, building your own will be by far the most affordable. What you will need is a sling and either an electric or hand-crank winch.

Lift Sling

This is our favorite sling. It is very durable and sure to last you many seasons. It has a 1,600 lb load capacity, which is enough to lift most jet skis. It’s about $200. Some stats include:

  • Woven polyester
  • Forged steel safety hook
  • Rubber-coated, 36″ long bars grip your PWC’s sides

These can be used to lift your jet ski out of the water, or to lift your jet ski from the dock and move it to a trailer. Many people use this sling to move their jet ski into storage for winterization.

X-Bull Electric Winch


This electric winch is a beast with a 13,000 lb load capacity. If you are looking for the least amount of work when lifting your jet ski, this thing will make your life very easy.

This electric winch is completely waterproof. It also comes with a wireless remote. You know it will be reliable with a 1-year warranty from the manufacturer as well as lifetime technical support. It weighs approximately 60 lbs and requires two 12v batteries.

Manual Hand Lift


This kit comes with almost everything you need to make a basic manual jet ski lift. It is a 1200 lb lift that comes with 33 ft. of strap and hook, winch post supports, bracings, fasteners, and instructions. Combining this with the Erickson sling can give you a jet ski lift for around $500. You may need to watch some YouTube videos to get the job done, but this is a perfectly good lift for a tight budget.

Fender Bumpers


Don’t forget to get fender bumpers if you plan on using a sling lift. It can be easy to scratch up or dent your jet ski on the dock. These are our favorite universal bumpers that will fit on a Sea-Doo, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Honda and more. They have UV protection and are built to last.

Non-Lift Docking Options

Shore Docker

This isn’t technically a lift, but if you are trying to get your PWC out of the water from shore, this is a great affordable solution. Make your own private boat ramp with this shore docker system with a 1,200 lb winch.

General Marine Products Mooring Whips


If you are just trying to dock your jet ski, this can be an and affordable options. If you dock your jet ski behind your house and plan on using it all season, this is the most convenient option. They have both swivel and fixed options. The kit comes with easy DIY instructions and supports up to a 2,000 lb PWC.

Automatic Lifts and Lift Installs

If you are looking for a professional lift, there are many options out there. They are far more expensive, but they are a permanent solution that look nice and are highly reliable. A couple of our favorites are:


The BH-360 is a classic dock mounted PWC lake lift. It is fully electric for easy of use. It costs about $2,782. Features include:

  • 1250 lbs maximum capacity.
  • Lower profile installation than other rotating lifts
  • Manufactured of hot-dipped galvanized steel for strength
  • Rotates 180 degrees in either direction Electric operation for ease of use


The Mini MAXX is a more affordable hand crank option. It’s also fairly easy to install yourself. It has a 1200 lbs lifting capacity and the ability to hold a boat up to 5ft wide which is ideal for most dockside applications of PWC Lifts. It’s constructed of welded marine-grade aluminum, so you don’t need to worry about rust with this lift!

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