Best Jet Ski Stands and Dollies

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Best Jet Ski Stands and Dollies

One of the biggest decisions of the year for jet ski owners is where to store their jet ski in the off season. If you’re like us here at Jet Ski Experts, you’re more than likely storing your jet ski at home. For different people this can mean different things, but the main thing that I hear from other PWC owners is that they would love to have the ability to store their Jet Ski in their garage without sacrificing too much garage space.

Storing a jet ski on its trailer in the garage is likely to take up an entire garage space, which isn’t very practical for most people who have 2 or 3 garage spaces at their house. The solution to this is utilizing a Jet Ski Stand.

The best jet ski stands are:

  • AquaCarts AW-19b
  • Motosport Scissor Stand
  • Rage Powersports Harbor Mate
  • Ecotric PWC Dolly
  • CE Smith PWC Dolly

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Our Top Picks for Best Jet Ski Stands and Dollies

This list is by no means an exhaustive list of what is available when it comes to jet ski stands or dollies but is a great baseline for what you should be looking for in a stand.

Best Dolly Stand: AquaCarts AB-19b

AquaCarts Dolly Stand

Best overall stand. Also acts as a dolly with locking wheels. Also great for heavier jet skis.

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AquaCarts Dolly Stand
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The AquaCarts AB-19b is one of the smaller stands in AquaCart’s line. That being said, it is by no means small in terms of features. This cart will hold up to 1300lbs, which will hold most, if not all commercially available jet skis. For reference, one of the heaviest commercial jet skis on the market is the Kawasaki ULTRA 310LX, coming in at just shy of 1075 pounds.

Another benefit of this cart is that the wheels come with locks to keep it from rolling around with your PWC on it. Everything on this cart is made in the USA.

AquaCarts also makes a ton of other jet ski storage and utility products, ranging from lift harnesses to dolly moving attachments.

This stand comes in at around $300. Check the current price on Amazon.


aquacarts dolly

Best Stand: Motosport Scissor Stand

Scissor Stand

Stand with no wheels. Great for the beach or if you already have a dolly and prefer to not have wheels.

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Scissor Stand
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If you are trying to keep it budget-friendly, don’t need a dolly, or need a stand for the beach or sand – this is probably the best stand for your. It is a simple scissor stand that can hold up to 1000lbs.

This stand is also the most portable. It comes in just over 13lbs, and its scissor functionality makes it collapsible. You can easily throw in the trunk of a car or truck and even bring it with you on a boat.

The only downside with this stand is that it uses slings instead of carpet, so it could be easier to scratch your jet ski. This stand costs around $160.

Toughest Stand: Rage Powersports Harbor Mate

Rage Powersports

High quality stand made of rust-proof steel. Best for a long life. Holds up to 1000lbs.

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Rage Powersports
If you make a purchase after clicking this link, we make a small commission at no cost to you. Toughest Stand

This stand is made of rust-proof, galvanized steel. It weighs about 66lbs. If you are looking to get a long life out of your stand and plan on using it a lot, this is the best dolly for you. Because of the materials, this stand is a bit pricier, costing a little over $300.

This stand is also a dolly with tough locking wheels. If you need to move your stand around a shop or garage, this is a great pick. It also has adjustable bunk boards, making sure it gives your PWC a perfect fit. It’s carpeted so you don’t have to worry about scratches. It holds up to 1000 lbs.


harbor mate dolly dimensions

Best Budget Stand: Ecotric PWC Dolly

Ecotric PWC Dolly

Carpeted stand that can hold up to 1000lbs for just over $100.

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Ecotric PWC Dolly
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The ECOTRIC PWC Dolly is another great choice when it comes to stands for your jet ski. This stand will hold up to 1000 pounds, which will hold most jet skis. Make sure that you check your manufacturer specs to find the weight of your PWC before you end up deciding on a stand.

Another cool feature of this stand is the adjustable carpeted bunks. You can adjust the angle of these to create a more secure fit for your jet ski. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this stand. The reviews speak for themself. It has nearly a 5-star rating on Amazon and appears to be a consistently reliable stand despite being a budget option.

Wheel Closeup:

ecotric wheel close up

Best Mid Tier: CE Smith Dolly

CE Smith Dolly

Another high quality stand that can hold up to 1000lbs.

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CE Smith Dolly
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This is another of our favorites for a few different reasons. First, the simplicity of this cart is a great selling point. If you just need a stand that is going to hold your jet ski, you can rest assured that the CE Smith dolly will do that for you. Second is the weight capacity of 1000 pounds. Lastly, we love the ability to angle the bunks at varying angles to perfectly match our PWC.

Benefits of A Jet Ski Stand

There are many benefits of purchasing and using a jet ski stand for storage including the cost, space requirements, and storage.

Jet Ski Stands are Cheaper than Boat Storage

One option that some people take when storing their personal watercraft is to store it at a company that provides boat storage. Boat storage can be super hit or miss, and the bills from storing a boat or jet ski at one of these places can add up quite quickly year in and year out. If you want to make sure that your jet ski is stored inside, the price rises there as well.

Using a jet ski stand to store your jet ski drastically reduces the cost of storage. You’re only going to spend $100-300 once and then your storage costs are taken care of for good. Within two or three seasons, this method of storage will have become cheaper than utilizing a boat storage yard.

Takes up less space

Jet ski stands take up much less space than a jet ski trailer. When you use a jet ski trailer to store, you are usually giving up either one space in your garage, or dooming your PWC to live outside through the winter by leaving it on the trailer in your yard.

A medium-sized PWC on a jet ski stand will more often than not fit in your garage without taking up an entire space that you could be used for parking your car or truck.

Build Your Own: A Cheaper Solution

If purchasing something as trivial as a stand for your jet ski isn’t really your MO, there is always the option to create your own. It can be accomplished for around $40-50 in parts, and do just as good of a job as any store-bought solution.

The premise of a home-built cart is making sure that you construct it in such a way that it is going to hold the entire weight of your PWC, and be mobile. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to create your own PWC stand here.

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