Best Jet Ski Battery Chargers

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Best Jet Ski Battery Chargers

A jet ski battery charger or battery maintainer is a must-have item for any PWC owner, or else you might find yourself constantly buying new batteries. Connecting your jet ski battery to a maintainer is part of the winterization process and ensures proper longevity of any battery. You never want to jump a jet ski battery with a car battery – so don’t let your battery die!

Batteries die when they are not powered on for long periods of time (like being docked for winter). Using a battery maintainer trickles the battery to keep it “alive” for extended periods of time.

There are many effective and affordable options for battery chargers. We will be covering some of our top picks.

The best jet ski battery chargers are:

  1. MarA Wireless Smart Charger
  3. Stanley Smart Charger
  4. Extreme Max Battery Buddy
  5. Battery tender Plus

Our Favorite Chargers

marA Wireless Smart Charger

maraA Smart Charger

Wireless controlled smart charger and battery maintainer

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maraA Smart Charger
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This is our top pick. We love this charger/maintainer because of its versatility and convenience. Not only can both charge and maintain jet ski batteries, but it can also also be controlled via a smartphone app. While your jet ski is docked or in storage, you can monitor your battery with the app.

With a cold mode setting, this charger is perfect for winter storage (down to -4 degrees F). With 12v and up to 4amp, you are able to also charge car batteries, motorcycles, boats, and more. It is capable of charging and maintaining both Lead-acid batteries and Lithium(LiFePO4) batteries. It uses a smart charge technology to read your battery, taking the guessing out of the equation. Never worry about damaging your battery with this charger!

Some other features include:

  • Waterproof
  • Smart charge technology so that you don’t overpower your battery
  • Dustproof
  • Temperature control

SOLPERK Solar Charger

SOLPERK Solar Maintainer

Solar-powered jet ski trickle charge battery maintainer.

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SOLPERK Solar Maintainer
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This is one of the most affordable options at around $35, but it is still really cool. Though less versatile, this charger is completely solar-powered. Although it won’t come in handy if you need to jump a dead battery, this clean energy device will keep your battery maintained during winter months without the need of a power source – it just needs sun!

It’s important to emphasize this is strictly a battery maintainer. You don’t want to use this to charge your batteries. It is not a fast charger. That said, if you just need an effective and affordable battery trickle maintainer to ensure the longevity of your battery – this is the one.

Stanley Smart Charger

Stanley Smart Charger

Smart jump, fast charge, and trickle charge for battery maintaining.

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Stanley Smart Charger
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This charger is highly versatile and pretty affordable at around $50. It can be used in emergency situations to jump a battery or used for months at a time to maintain batteries with trickle charging. It is perfect for jet skis – or pretty much anything else, like boats and cars.

Its High-frequency smart charging technology keeps the battery at an optimal charge and automatically switches from fast charge, to top-off, to trickle charge without any effort on your part. The smart technology reads your battery to make sure you don’t damage or overcharge the battery.

Stats include:

  • Patented safe jump start
  • Fast charge
  • Trickle maintain
  • LCD Screen
  • Smart technology

Battery Tender Plus

Battery Tender Plus

Reliable battery charger and maintainer built to last many seasons.

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Battery Tender Plus
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This is one of the most popular jet ski battery chargers and maintainers on the market. At around $50, it is durable and reliable. This has the highest reviews, with nearly 7,000 reviews on Amazon with over 4.5-star rating. It doesn’t have LCD screens or smart technology, but it is safe and built to last many seasons. If you are looking for a simple battery maintainer that will get the job done year after year, this is your pick. At 12v and 1.25 amps, it is perfect for any PWC.

Need To Charge Multiple Jet Skis?

Extreme Max Battery Buddy

Battery Buddy

Charge or maintain up to 4 jet ski batteries at once.

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Battery Buddy
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This charger has 4 banks, making it ideal if you own multiple jet skis. You can charge or trickle maintain up to 4 jet skis simultaneously. Voltage flow during the charge is regulated and allows the batteries to be fully and safely recharge without overcharging them.

This charger provides 12v and 2amp charge per bank. It also has an LCD screen to indicate the charge level of each battery. It also includes protection against wrong connections and short circuits.