Best Jet Ski Dock Lines

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Best Jet Ski Dock Lines

You took your jet ski around for a great spin and nothing would set the mood right like a cold drink on the dock. You’ll need to be sure the jet ski won’t float off across the water or get pushed into the cleat (those scratches are costly to remove!)

A solid pair of dock lines saves you the headache of tying a knot out of those thick old ropes every time you have to jump off the jet ski. They’re used to secure your jet ski to the dock or tie up two or more jet skis together.

Modern dock lines are strong enough to keep jet skis and boats as heavy as 4000 pounds in place. They’re stretchy, tough and resistant to abrasions, UV rays, rot and mould. Since Nylon is known for strength and absorbing shock loads from the waves pretty well, it’s the go-to material that dock lines are made out of.

Using a dock line instead of a random heavy rope makes sense because it’s way more handy and has buckles that rule out the cumbersome knotting. Shock loads from wind and waves can cause serious damage to your jet ski. Dock lines are engineered to absorb the loads and keep the jet ski from floating around and getting scratched.

How to choose the right Jet Ski Dock Line

It’s a general rule of thumb to prioritize length, line type and ease of use when shopping for a fresh pair of dock lines. Durability is another important one to keep in mind if you need them regularly- you wouldn’t want to spend money on new lines every few weeks because the previous one couldn’t hold up well.

Length & Diameter: Idea length range for dock lines falls anywhere between 4m to 14m depending on your jet ski’s size. They usually come in pairs of two or four, each with different lengths functions.

Make sure the pair you get has spring lines two-thirds the length of your jet ski. Say your jet ski’s 11m long. An 10-11m dock line along with its shorter peers will suit it perfectly. Though if you need your jet ski to be nice and snug against the dock, a shorter dock line will work just fine.

Dock Line Type: Multiple Nylon strands are spliced together to make a stronger, more durable dock line. Three strand lines are traditional and rope-like. Despite being the affordable option, their poor construction and tough-to-use design have made them unpopular with jet skiers. They’re unnecessarily long and don’t have convenient hooks, they solely rely on knots for docking.

In Double-braid lines, core nylon strands and covering sheaths are braided together in an easy-to-manage dock line that doesn’t harden overtime.

Mega Braided dock lines are thicker and made out of an impressive 12 New England Nylon ropes tightly spliced together- they’re mostly to keep heavy boats in place.

Double braided is the most practical option for jet skiers. It’s super durable and comes in a variety of vibrant colors you can pair with your jet ski. It’s also cut out for medium-sized water vehicles like jet skis and kayaks.

We put together some of best jet ski dock lines available out there after carefully reviewing their features, cost and downsides.

Top Pick – Skog Å Kust Premium Dock Lines

“Everything about these dock lines is great. The quality is awesome and the clasped hooks make tying up at the dock super quick and easy.”

This 2-pack braided dockline won’t let your jet ski float off an inch even in the stormy ocean waves- they’re that strong and unbreakable. It has a rust-proof hook great for both saltwater and freshwater if you prefer switching it up every ones in a while. The two lines are sized differently (7 ft and 14 ft) for better usage in all kinds of situations. On the other end, it has a 10-inch loop that makes splicing super convenient when you’re in hurry.

Speaking of convenience, both of its lines come with a reusable velcro clinch you can wrap around to carry it easily. The bright green and yellow colors make it easy to spot on a crowded dock or in the night time.

We didn’t come across any big no-go’s with this one. Buyers have used it for all kinds of purposes, from tying up tubes to even keeping horses from running off. You know your jet ski is safe when a pair of horses couldn’t break this strong dockline. The lifetime warranty for all manufacturing defects only adds to its appeal.

Key Specifications:

  • Nylon, Polyurethane, Stainless Steel
  • 7 ft, 14 ft, and 21ft lengths with a diameter of 12mm
  • 7 ft and 14 ft with a diameter of 19mm
  • 10 Inch Loop Size
  • 2 Dock Lines per Package (Except the single-line 21 Foot variant)
  • Double Braided
Skog Å Kust Premium Dock Lines

Comes in variable lengths and diameters with a strong 10-inch loop on the end.

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Skog Å Kust Premium Dock Lines
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Orange Cycle Parts PWC Dock Lines

“Loving it, perfect for jet skis, I kept messing with rope but that was just too thick and didn’t have clips like this one. Should of gotten these earlier.”

Offering the best value for money by far, this pair of tough 7-feet dock lines will last you years with everyday use. The brand hasn’t compromised with size in this one- it has a big clip that’ll easily grab onto thick cleats on the dock and the 10-inch loop makes it a breeze to splice.

These are made in vibrant yellow and blue colors for a sporty look and high visibility- you can spot them in a crowded dock from a mile away. Although the plastic clip may seem too weak to keep your jet ski in place, it’s actually just as handy and sturdy. Unlike other pieces in the market, this dock line has no risk of sinking since the plastic hook keeps it afloat.

Durable, high-duty and super convenient, this pair of dock lines is great for recreational jet skiers who love scouring through freshwater spots.

Key Specifications:

  • Made of Nylon and Plastic
  • 7 feet/1.3 meters long
  • 10 Inch Loop Size
  • 2 dock lines per package
  • Double Braided
Orange Cycle PWC Dock Lines

7 feet long and super strong. Perfect for everyday tying down.

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Orange Cycle PWC Dock Lines
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Botepon Marine JetSki Dock Lines

“Durable Bungees! These are perfect, they stretch long enough to hook our skis to the dock. Great bungees at a great price.”

This 4-foot bungee dock line pair makes it easy to hop off the jet ski without having to pull it closer to the dock. Of all other dock lines in the market, Botepon has the best combination of 2000+ pound tensile strength and super high shock absorption that saves your jet ski from any scratches or other damage from waves and winds.

Perfect for both salt and freshwater, it features a rust-proof, accessible clip on one end and a standard loop on the other. What makes it stand out are the sturdy handles on both ends. that make it easy to hold onto them and not lose grip in certain dire situations. They’re durable and possibly the best designed high-duty dock lines out there.

Key Specifications:

  • Nylon, Stainless Steel
  • 4 Ft/1.2 m, Stretches up to 5.5 ft/ 1.6m
  • 10 Inch Loop Size
  • 2 Dock Lines per package
  • Double Braided

Botepon Jet Ski Dock Lines

Bungee system for variables lengths. Super easy to use and low hassle.

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Botepon Jet Ski Dock Lines
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If you’ve had a mini frenzy when your ride is nearing its end like most jet skiers, you would want to know the safest, most practical procedure of tying a jet ski to a dock:

How do you secure a jet ski to a dock?

Tying a jet ski to the dock can be risky business for people who haven’t had enough practice. There’s a good chance that you damage the jet ski by taking the wrong angle while approaching the dock.

To correctly secure a jet ski to a dock, approach the dock at slow speed at a slight angle. The goal is getting your jet ski parallel to the dock as you close in.

Once you’re parallel to the dock and at an idle speed, slide the dock line’s loop onto your jet ski’s handlebar. Grab onto the dock if needed. Tie the other end of your line to the dock and you’ll then be close enough to climb out. Place fenders over the jet ski’s hull before climbing out to protect it from hitting the dock line and getting damaged.