Sea Doo Spark Upgrades: Ultimate Guide

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Sea Doo Spark Upgrades: Ultimate Guide

There are several things that can be upgraded or modded on a Sea Doo Spark. All of the following can be upgraded for better performance:

  1. Air Intake
  2. Exhaust
  3. Ride Plate
  4. Impeller
  5. Intake Grate

If you are more interested in a visual upgrade than a performance upgrade, you’re in luck. There are quite a few pieces to the Sea Doo Spark that can be upgraded that mostly provide aesthetic benefits:

  1. Seat
  2. Knee pads
  3. Floorboard wedges

Sea Doo Spark Performance Upgrades

If you are more interested in the performance of your PWC than the visual aspects, there are quite a few things that you can do to up that performance.

Air Intake

Adding an air intake to your Sea Doo Spark will keep the running temperature of the engine much lower than running a stock air intake. This keeps your jet ski running optimally, regardless of how hard you are riding.

Our choice for an air intake for your Sea Doo Spark is the Riva Racing Air Intake.

Riva Racing is a big name when it comes to performance for water-sports. They have been making performance water-sport mods since the late 1970s. Their Sea Doo Spark air intake kit is their best selling cold air intake system for the Spark. Tests have been shown to reduce the temperature inside your engine by quite a bit.

The other benefit to this air intake kit is that it is easily installable by anyone. The instructions included in the kit should have you up and running with your new intake in about 30 minutes.

Exhaust Kit

The benefits of adding an aftermarket Free Flow Exhaust kit to your Spark is that it reduces back pressure, allowing your engine to exhaust fumes much more efficiently. When your engine is spending less effort removing its emissions, it will be spending more of its energy running at its best.

Our choice for favorite when it comes to a free flow exhaust kit is the Riva Sea Doo Spark Free Flow Exhaust Kit.

Like the rest of what Riva Racing produces, this is a top notch product and you will see the benefits from using it. Your engine is going to run much smoother with less back pressure in the exhaust system. It fits both 2 and 3 seater Sea Doo Sparks, and is easily installable.

Ride Plate

Adding a ride plate to your Spark is going to increase the stability and control that you feel in all different kinds of water conditions. The pricing is going to be about the same as both a new exhaust kit and air intake, but the effects of installing one are quite different.

You aren’t going to notice a huge difference in how your engine performs or how fast you are able to go, but you will notice an increased amount of control and stability.

Our choice for a Sea Doo Spark ride plate is the Worx Sea-Doo Spark Ride Plate. Not many companies are producing aftermarket ride plates, but we have found that this one is one of the best out there.


One of the biggest complaints that I have read from other Spark owners is that the OEM impeller rusts and wears out super quick. Adding an aftermarket impeller is an easy way to stop worrying about whether your impeller and wear ring are wearing out.

Adding an aftermarket impeller can have the added benefit of increasing your top speed by a couple MPH. Our favorite impeller is the Solas Sea Doo Spark Impeller.

This impeller is going to last much, much longer than your stock impeller, and give you the added benefit of increasing your low end power and increasing your top speed by 1-2mph. It’s made out of corrosion resistant stainless-steel. The installation for this one is going to be a little trickier than doing an air intake or exhaust but the benefits are definitely worth the upgrade.

Intake Grate

Our choice for an aftermarket intake grate is the Riva Sea Doo Spark Top-Loader Intake Grate which fits most Spark models.

The benefits of adding an intake grate to your Spark are:

  1. Increased acceleration
  2. Reduced cavitation (keeps uniform water pressure fed to your impeller)
  3. Improved handling
  4. Superior straight line stability


Tuning your Spark is a great, low-cost way to increase the performance of your PWC, without dropping a load of money on aftermarket performance upgrades.

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Aesthetic and Comfort Upgrades

If you are more concerned with the look and feel of your Spark, rather than the raw performance upgrades, there are several parts that you can still upgrade.

Seat Cover

Adding a seat Cover can keep your stock seat in pristine condition. Most seat Covers are made from high-quality marine vinyl. It has the added benefit of being able to change the look of your seat, without shelling out a ton of money for an entire new seat.

We like BlackTip JetSports Spark Seat Cover. It comes in a ton of different colors to match whatever look you’re going for. It also holds up remarkably well for a Cover.

Knee Pads

Adding knee pads is something that is often overlooked when upgrading a jet ski, but can provide a ton of added comfort. Instead of your knees pressing directly into the body of the jet ski, you can have a padded area where your knees meet the body of your PWC.

We love Sea Doo’s OEM Ergolock knee pads.

In addition to adding some extra comfort to your ride, these are going to help keep your knees in place while operating your PWC.

Floorboard Wedges

A lot of jet skis come with floorboard wedges already installed, so you’ll have to make sure that your Spark does not already have them. They will keep any rider firmly planted and secured in the jet ski.

We love the floorboard wedges made by Riva Racing. Using these in conjunction with the ergonomic knee pads will give anyone who rides your Spark a much more comfortable and secure-feeling experience.

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