Best Jet Skis for Tubing

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Best Jet Skis for Tubing

Much like Jet Skiing, tubing is a great way to get your heart racing, get some sun and enjoy the summer with your friends. You strap your tube to a jet ski and get pulled through the water at high speeds. Sounds like fun right?

However, not all Jet Skis are made equal. If you want to join in on the fun now that summer is around the corner, make sure you have a Jet Ski with at least 110 horsepower. Depending on your state laws, your jet ski may also need to be a 2 or 3 seater.

Be sure to look it up beforehand, so that you don’t end up fined for having fun!

Best Jet Skis for Tubing

What are the best Jet Skis for tubing? Well if you do a google search of that phrase you’ll find about a thousand different options with some pretty insane claims.

That’s why here at we decided to settle the matter once and for all, these are the best Jet Skis for tubing:

  • Kawasaki STX-15F
  • Sea-Doo Wake
  • Yamaha Waverunner VX Series

Kawasaki STX-15F

One of the most powerful Jet Skis in its price range, this one isn’t for the faint of heart. Kawasaki claims they built this one with a racetrack in mind and we are inclined to believe them, it has incredible handling and comes packed with 160 horsepower and if you pin the throttle you’ll be riding at 60 mph in no time.

Don’t worry though, Kawasaki knows not everyone is ready for that kind of power, so with the STX-15F you’ll also get two magnetic theft prevention keys. One of them offers full power, while the other key has a governed speed limit, so that you can keep kids and newcomers safe.

It also includes dual rear view mirrors, which is a plus for tubing since depending on your state it means you won’t be legally required to have a spotter riding in the back. Remember though, I’m not a lawyer, so check with your local authorities before going tubing without a spotter.

When it comes to comfort, it sticks to its racetrack origins and has a low slung profile that will keep riders closer to the water while also fitting up to three people on board and having 24 gallons of storage split between the glove box, bow tub and under the saddle.

Some Specs:

  • Engine: 160 HP, four-cylinder EFI 1,498cc
  • Seats 3 people
  • 16.4 gallon fuel tank
  • Storage: 24 gallons

You can check out the Kawasaki ST-15f here.

Sea Doo Wake

Having just released a new model for 2020, the Sea Doo Wake comes jam-packed with features for the casual rider.

Now before any gearheads come at us, we know that there is a pro version of the Wake, but for the average folk who just want to go tubing, it makes no sense to buy such a beast of a machine. That’s why I’ll just focus on the “Junior” or recreational Wake.

Sea Doo keeps with tradition and again shows towing is top priority with this Jet Ski. The back comes with a retractable tow pylon that offers a higher tow point. For tubing purposes, this means that you not only won’t have to buy a tow hook, but that setting up your gear will be easier than ever, just unscrew the cap, insert the pylon, lock it in place and finish it off with a two leg brace.

Furthermore, you could say it’s even safer, as the pylon comes with two handles for the rear facing spotter to hold on to during sharp turns or bumps.

Not only that, but it also comes with a premium audio system tucked away in a waterproof compartment, you can connect your phone to via bluetooth. That way, while your friend is flying through the air in a tube, you can blast your tunes to keep the party going.

Finally, when it comes to specs, this one is also a 170hp engine, that reaches up to 50 quite easily. Slightly lower than our previous entry since it’s a much bigger machine, seating only 3 people, but featuring a big swim platform.

Some specs:

  • Engine: 170 HP, Three-cylinder 1,630cc
  • Seats 3 people
  • 15.9 gallon fuel tank
  • Storage of 42.5 gallons

You can check out the Sea-Doo Wake here.

Waverunner VX Series

Ever since 2005, when the first Jet Ski in the VX series came out, Yamaha has been consistently dominating the casual consumer space with this line of products. Bringing out powerful watercrafts for an affordable price for the recreational user.

The last iteration of the VX line, released in 2018, is no different than its predecessors. With a max speed of 54 mph and Yamaha’s dual throttle system, this Jet Ski has excellent handling at all speeds and is great for watersports.

The dual throttle system, also known as RiDE works by having one throttle take care of forward motion, the other one reverse and putting the Jet Ski in neutral when you release both.

Having tried it I can say it’s very intuitive and easy to learn, makes for a great experience when having to get into a tight dock or marina and gives experienced users a high degree of control.

Some specs:

  • Naturally aspirated, 1049cc Triple Engine
  • 18.5 gallon fuel capacity
  • 24.6 gallon storage capacity
  • Seats 3 people

Check out Yamaha’s VX Series here.

How much weight can you pull behind a jet ski?

This is a bit of a tough one, like I said above, the usual estimate is that a 110hp engine will be enough to pull a 200lb person. As you keep going up in horsepower that number should increase, though by how much depends a lot on what Jet Ski you’re using.

We’d say that a 140hp engine will be able to tow 2 people or 400lb without much effort. However we wouldn’t recommend ever towing more than 2 people at a time since it can cause stability issues. Jet Skis are very powerful, but not very heavy, so as the load increases the driver has less control.

As always, remember to consult your specific model’s user manual before doing anything risky.

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