Jet Ski Keys & Sea Doo Key Replacement

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Jet Ski Keys & Sea Doo Key Replacement

If you ended up here, you’re probably trying to figure out how to get your Sea-Doo or other PWC key replaced. To get a Sea-Doo key replacement, you need to bring your jet ski into a reputable dealership. Sea-Doo keys, and most other jet ski keys, must be programmed to your specific PWC.

Sea-Doo keys work much like a push to start key that you will find in most modern cars. That being said, you can’t just have a new key cut or go through a typical key replacement process.

How Much Does a Sea-Doo Key Replacement Cost?

The cost to replace your Sea-Doo key is going to depend on a few things:

  1. The dealership that you bring your jet ski to
  2. The year of your Jet Ski
  3. The model of your Sea-Doo
  4. Whether you go to a Sea-Doo authorized dealership or a local repair shop

A good rule of thumb to follow is that the newer and more expensive the model of Sea-Doo you own, the more expensive a key replacement is going to be. Most of the time you will be out $30-$50 for a new Sea-Doo key to be programmed for your jet ski, but obviously this is going to vary.

It’s good practice to figure out whether or not there are any reputable repair shops in your area, as you can often get a lower price at these places than you would be able to at an authorized Sea-Doo Dealership.

What if I call in with my VIN number?

Unfortunately no dealership or repair shop is going to program a new key for you if you just call in with your VIN number. You must actually take in your entire jet ski to the dealership in order for them to give you a new key.

What if I Still Have My Sea-Doo Learning Key?

If you still have your Sea-Doo learning key, the good news is that this key can be programmed to have the speed restrictions lifted/raised. You will still need to bring everything to the dealership or repair shop in order to have them reprogram your learning key with a higher speed.

The Sea-Doo learning key acts as a per-key governor, or speed limiter, for your Sea-Doo. It is typically programmed to top out at around 40mph, in order to provide a safer experience for whoever is using your jet ski to learn how to ride.

Are Jet Ski Keys Interchangeable?

The short answer is no, Sea-Doo keys are NOT interchangeable. Each Sea-Doo key is specifically programmed to a single Sea-Doo. There are usually one or two keys per Sea-Doo, your master key and learning key.

With this being the way that Sea-Doo keys work, you don’t have to worry about anyone with any key hopping on your jet ski and taking off. Your jet ski will only startup with a Sea-Doo key programmed to your specific jet ski. These keys are not universal, which is a great safety feature.

Reasons Why You Might Not Get a Replacement

The dealership or repair shop where you take your Sea-Doo to get a new key will run the VIN of your jet ski in order to make sure that it is registered to you. This prevents someone from stealing a Sea-Doo, taking it to a dealership or repair shop, and getting a new key made. If the jet ski is not registered to you personally, you will have trouble getting a replacement key made.

If your jet ski is relatively old, you may struggle to find a dealership that has the capability to program a new key. You can avoid this issue by calling around to different dealerships and mentioning the year and model of your Sea-Doo before you bring it into the shop to get a replacement key made.

Ways to Prevent Losing Your Jet Ski Key

There are a few different ways to help prevent a lost jet ski key, depending on how much you want to spend.

Floating Keychain

This is a simple addition that you can add on to your keychain in order to help prevent your keys from getting lost. They typically come in super bright colors and will float with a standard set of keys attached. Most of the time they are used for boat keys, but they can also be used for jet ski keys.

Our favorite set is the glow-in-the-dark Crystal Fish floating keychain, but any floating keychain will probably suit your needs as the main goal is to keep your keys above water.

Safety Lanyard

Getting a Jet Ski Safety Lanyard is one of the most important purchases that you’ll make when it comes to your jet ski. These devices work by clipping on to your set of keys and then having some sort of bungee strap that clips onto your life jacket.

There is a pretty good shot of your lanyard keeping your keys attached to your body, even when you fall off of the jet ski. There is also the added benefit of it turning off your personal watercraft on a fall.

The most important thing to note when finding a safety lanyard to purchase is that it fits your specific jet ski key. We love this jet ski safety lanyard. We have found that it is pretty universal for jet ski brands and models, and reliably serves its intended purpose. It’s going to keep your keys attached to YOU.

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