Best Jet Ski Covers

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Best Jet Ski Covers

One important aspect to protecting your jet ski when it is not being ridden is a Cover. Covers are one of those things that I always suggest people purchase immediately after buying their jet ski. They are going to keep your PWC looking nice as the day you bought it, with minimal work.

We have used many Covers over the last several years, but these are our favorite jet ski Covers:

  • iCover PWC Cover
  • Seamander PWC Cover
  • Stellex PWC Cover
  • Leader Accessories Contour Cover

Should I Cover My Jet Ski

Short answer: YES. It is a no brainer to Cover your personal watercraft when it is not in use. Making sure that your jet ski is not sitting out in the open, being beaten up by the elements is important. It’s going to keep every aspect of the exterior of your jet ski much nicer. It is one thing to ride your jet ski in water, it is another to subject it to wind and rain and sleet and snow for half of the year. Your jet ski will last much, much longer if you keep it covered whenever it is not in use.

Even if you plan to keep your jet ski indoors over the winter, it’s wise to keep it covered. After you have prepared your jet ski for the winter, a Cover will make sure that it stays that way until you’re ready to use it again the following year.

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iCOVER Personal Watercraft Cover

A great choice for any water sports enthusiast, this Cover can be used not just for jet skis, but also boats and other small watercraft, making it a bargain for anyone looking to protect their investments, not to mention at a budget friendly price.

Made with 150D, Marine grade polyester that’s waterproof, UV and tear resistant, you can be sure that you’ll find your Jet Ski in the same conditions you left it, no matter how long in between each outing. It’s also painless to clean later, just hose it down and you’re good to go!

That’s not all, thanks to the integrated buckle system, adjustable straps and the elastic sewn around the hemline, you’ll get a wonderfully snug fit that’s very easy to install and to release.

This model can fit jet skis up to 113 inches long, 48 inches wide and 42 inches tall, but if you’re in doubt, iCOVER has a very useful sizing chart to see if your jet ski is compatible. Even then, they offer a 100% money back guarantee if the product is not up to your expectations, no questions asked!

Best Features:

  • Easy installation and quick release
  • Durable polyester that’s easy to clean
iCover PWC Cover

Marine grade waterproof and tear-resistant PWC cover

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iCover PWC Cover
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Seamander Personal Watercraft Cover

There’s two things that can make or break a Jet Ski Cover, durability and fit. Luckily, the Seamander Personal Watercraft gets them both right.

When it comes to durability, you can be certain that the Seamander will be with you for a long time. Thanks to its 600D, heavy duty, UV resistant fabric, it will keep your ride safe no matter what the weather brings. It even features rot proof thread so you can leave it out in the rain without worries.

Most Covers are great for leaving your Jet Ski docked, but not all them can boast to be great for trailering. For those of us that don’t live close to the water, this is a Godsend. There are few things in life as stressful as trailering your jet ski, knowing that dust, rocks and grime are getting into it, ruining the finish and harming the engine.

That’s why it’s so great that this Cover includes a tie down kit and built in quick adjustment straps to secure your ride correctly and keep it safe while you’re getting to the water.

if you’re worried this might not fit your water craft, don’t be, it comes in 5 different sizes and includes a bungee cord at the bottom to ensure a secure fit, no matter the size of your jet ski. You can even get it in two different colors!

Also worth noting is that it includes a carrying case, which is always a plus.

  • 4 ply, interlocking rot proof thread.
  • Free tie down kit and carry case.
  • Built in trailering system.
Seamander PWC Cover

Protects your jet ski against dirt, sun, rain and pollutants

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Seamander PWC Cover
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Stellex Personal Watercraft Cover

I like this Cover in particular because it addresses an issue most manufacturers completely gloss over, moisture. Yes, any Cover worth its salt will be made out of waterproof and weatherproof material, this one is no exception as it is made of 100% polyester.

However, even most owners don’t realize that if you Cover your Jet Ski right after use, its bound to have kept hundreds of tiny water droplets in the different folds and crevices of your ride. By covering them with a waterproof material you’ve effectively trapped all that water inside, ready evaporate and condense with the weather and mess with the insides of your watercraft.

Stellex fixes this issue by adding ventilation to the rear of their watercraft Cover. Allowing all moisture to escape and keeping your device dry no matter what. Furthermore, if your Jet Ski is moored in a windy dock, the vents will allow better airflow and prevent the Cover from bloating and billowing in the wind.

It doesn’t end there, they’ve also added other features to make the Cover more comfortable and easier to use, like zippered access to the jet ski while its covered, in case you forgot something in the stowage, a built in trailering system with adjustable, quick release straps, ideal for highway transport and an included carry bag.

When it comes to sizing, this one is available in 2 sizes, medium for watercraft up to 133 inches in length and size large for crafts as long as 140 inches.

  • Rear vents to release moisture and prevent wind blowout
  • Zippered access from both sides
  • Built in trailering system with adjustable quick release straps
  • Made out of 100% polyester
Stellex PWC Cover

100% Polyester, large jet ski cover. Protects your pwc against the elements!

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Stellex PWC Cover
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Leader Accessories Contour Fit

Last but definitely not least, we have Leader Accessories’ Contour Fit Cover. As the name suggests, it provides a very snug fit that results in a sleek, sober look instead of the baggy and unappealing look most Covers have. In fact you can get it in two different color schemes, green and black for a more subdued look, or yellow and black if you want to draw looks all around.

This is somewhat of a premium Cover and that is reflected in its price, being the most expensive out of all our entries, but its most certainly worth it with its top notch technology and features, and you can be assured the investment will last for long thanks to the 4-ply, double sewn seams and reinforced hem tabs.

To begin with, it’s made 100% out of 600D polyester, ensuring that your watercraft will be safe and protected from the elements. Like our previous entry, it also features air vents so moisture and wind blowout won’t be a problem for you.

Not only that, but it also features a built in trailering system, with adjustable straps and even a reflective band to improve your visibility and avoid accidents if you’re traveling at night.

When it comes to sizing, this Cover is recommended for most Sea Doo models 2014 and up, but it fits other watercraft just fine, just make sure to measure your jet ski before making a purchase.

Best Features:

  • Made with 600D Polyester
  • Has air vents to release moisture
  • Built in trailering system
  • Reflective band to improve visibility
  • Great looking snug fit to show off your ride.

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