Top Jet Ski Fishing Accessories

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Top Jet Ski Fishing Accessories

Using a jet ski as a fishing boat has become a trend in recent years. Having a small, maneuverable vehicle that allows you to get into places that you could not with a traditional boat has led many people to use their personal watercraft for fishing. That being said, we’re laying out our favorite essential gear that we love when fishing from a jet ski. The most essential jet ski fishing accessories are:

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Rod Holder

X-Haibei Clamp on Fishing Rod Holder

The X-Haibei clamp on fishing rod holder can clamp onto nearly any part of a jet ski, it is a no-frills rod-holder that will hold on to your fishing rod whether you’re in motion or just doing something else with your hands. If you’re looking for a cheap but reliable option, you can’t go wrong with the X-Haibei clamp-on holder.

The one thing to make sure with this holder is that your jet ski has some place to mount it.

AresKo Fishing Boat Rod Holder

The AresKo rod holder is a clamp style holder that uses a vice-like grip to clamp onto any surface on a jet ski. It is great for doing the tedious part of fishing, just holding the rod and will free up your hands to maneuver your personal watercraft into tighter spots, or even hold onto your rods and reels while moving from fishing spot to fishing spot.

We love the AresKo rod holder because it’s another cheap option that works great if fishing isn’t the main thing that you use your jet ski for. It’s easy to put on and take off and works like a charm for the intended purpose.

Brocraft Jet Ski Aluminum Fishing Rod Rack

If you are looking for a more permanent/sturdy solution to holding fishing rods on your jet ski, you may want to look into a rod holder/cooler holder combo. Our favorite is this combo package by Brocraft. This holder is going to hold up to 6 fishing rods, and have space in the middle for either your tackle box, or even up to a 50+ quart cooler.

It is made out of aluminum, so you’re not going to have to worry about rust that can degrade the actual structure. You still have to watch for corrosion, but the corrosion wont make the product any weaker.

When installing a rod rack, you may need a stand for your jet ski to keep it still. Check out our guide on jet ski stands and dollies.

Tackle Boxes

Plano Guide Series 3600 Size Polycarbonate Field Box

The Plano Guide series has a lot of great tackle boxes. Our favorite is the 3600 size as it isn’t TOO large, but still holds everything we find that we use when out on the water fishing. The added benefit to the polycarbonate is that it is totally airtight and waterproof, so if you need to store your wallet, keys or any electronics in it you can rest assured that they’re going to make it through your trip without water damage.

KastKing Fishing Tackle Bags

Another of our favorites is the KastKing tackle boxes. This specific model is made out of long lasting ripstop nylon that has the added benefit of being saltwater resistant. The bottom of this tackle box has a non-slip molded bottom that repels standing water to keep everything inside the bag fresh, even if where you’ve placed the bag fills up with a little water.

With either of these bags, you can’t go wrong. You’ll have all of the gear you need, be able to store your valuables and electronics in a place that they most likely won’t become damaged, and you won’t break the bank either.


Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze Zipper-less Hardbody Cooler

The Arctic Zone Titan Deep Freeze cooler is a great little cooler. The lid of this cooler is totally zipper-less, which allows for easy access to the contents inside. The body of this cooler uses insulation that reflects heat from outside rather than absorbing it. Whatever you are storing inside, you’ll be able to access it easily, and keep it cool for the duration of your trip.

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REYLEO Ice Chest

The Reyleo ice chest is another great option when it comes to coolers. It can fit up to 16 regular 12 ounce cans inside, and keep ice for up to 3 days. The insulation and body of this cooler can withstand up to 700 pounds of pressure and is totally anti-UV, adding to its cooling capabilities.

This cooler has an added benefit of having a ruler on top, for quick fish measuring on the go, and also two cup holders on the top to store your drink hands-free.


PLUSINNO Fishing Net

Our favorite fishing net hands down is the foldable, collapsible Plusinno fishing net. We’ve found that this net has been the best bang for our buck when it comes to nets. It stores super easily and compact, is pretty durable from the price, and we love the telescoping pole that it is attached to. This net comes in three different sizes, so you can pack the net specific to what you’re aiming to catch.

Other Necessities

When it comes to fishing on a jet ski, you are going to need some other gear as well. Having a jet ski depth finder or GPS can be super helpful depending on where you’re fishing. You can’t go wrong bringing a jet ski anchor with you no matter what you’re doing on the water. It also is pretty important when it comes to safety that you have a personal flotation device, or life jacket, aboard your jet ski whenever using it.

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